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Idil Mohamud (Melbourne, Australia)

“Be vocally supportive of the endeavours of your friends, family and wider network. We all win when one of us succeeds.” - Idil Mohamud We’re taking a trip to the land down under this week! Introducing Idil Mohamud, a class action lawyer based in Melbourne, Australia. She earned a bachelor of law and a bachelor of international relations at La Trobe University. Masha’Allah! We were lucky to connect with Idil for our campaign and learn what education means to her.

There are actually many thoughts that come to Idil’s mind when she thinks of education - namely; privilege, access, and opportunity. She shares that her parents always emphasized that education was the way to better one's life. Throughout her university years, she would reflect in absolute awe on how they pursued their own degrees after settling in Australia. They did this all while adapting to a foreign land far from home and raising children - and making it look easy! The combination of these thoughts and attitudes towards education from a very early age meant that she consciously tried to not take access to education for granted. Idil’s advice to young people is to know their worth. She believes that our diversity makes us an asset as we are able to bring perspectives into the workplace that may not have been on anyone’s radar. What an empowering way to think of our unique experiences! . We are all so proud of you abaayo [sister]. Keep up the great work!

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