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Hali Farah (Toronto, Ontario)

"I have learned that failure is in fact a great thing, you need to fail a few times to really sharpen your skills, your faith and yourself as a person; failure is really re-direction from God to set you on the path you should be on! Stay consistent and without fail you will get what you worked for!"

We had the pleasure of connecting with Hali Farah, a Senior HR Consultant in Toronto, for our #ExcellenceProfiles. Hali completed her bachelor's degree in social science at McMaster University and went on to do postgraduate studies in human resource management. She emphasized that there is no one path to success and that with consistency and dedication, anything is possible. Hali also believes that real growth and success come from hardship and failure. What a positive way to look at obstacles!

With such wonderful advice, it comes as no surprise that Hali is a mentor for youth in her community. We are fortunate to have dedicated role models like her working to support and uplift us. Keep up the great work Hali!

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