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Fatah Awil (Toronto, Canada)

Meet Fatah Awil, a health systems and policy researcher based in Toronto. Fatah is also a graduate student pursuing a master's in public policy & management at York University and a diploma in clinical epidemiology at McMaster University. Masha'Allah! ⠀ In addition to his work and studies, Fatah is a dedicated volunteer who has participated in initiatives like Charity Week, a volunteer-led camapaign that fundraises for orphans and children. Again, masha'Allah!

We asked Fatah what the most important lesson he has learned is and this is what we had to say: ⠀ "[I have learned] to focus more on the micro and less on the macro. It is easy to articulate a dream or a top-level (macro) goal for your life after some deep reflection – for example, helping youth thrive through psychological science or empowering the impoverished through technology. I’ve personally fantasized about what my role in creating a healthier, happier, and more equitable society through health systems change would look like. What I’ve come to realize however is that when we indulge in the positive visions that our future might hold, without figuring out the process of getting there (micro), we trade short-term internal satisfaction of haven chosen a dream for the long-term disappointment of not getting there. ⠀ So yes, dream, and dream a dream that is authentic to you and fulfills you. But remember that it is even more important to focus and work on the lower-level and mid-level goals that serve your ultimate top-level goal or dream (i.e., the daily/weekly grind). Whether that includes working towards a particular job/career path, engaging in networking opportunities, or studying a useful field – there are daily activities we can engage in that are the pieces to the larger puzzle we are trying to assemble. By focusing more on these pieces, these lower and mid-level goals, we are setting ourselves up for a fruitful and meaningful life. More on the micro, less on the macro!" ⠀ Keep up the great work Fatah! We admire your determination to make a difference. May Allah swt reward your efforts!

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