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Asha Isaac (Seattle, Washington)

Did you know that only 20% of tech jobs in the United States are held by women? Experts believe that this is due to several factors including gender inequality and a lack of mentors. As we all know, representation matters and that is why we are so happy to introduce you all to Asha Isaac! Asha studied technology and systems at the University of Washington Tacoma and currently works as an enterprise technical analyst. Her job consists of analyzing technical cases and providing resolutions to internal, domestic and international clients.

Asha credits her mother for helping her stay motivated and persevere. She said, “my mother has had the strongest influence in my life. She made me feel I could do anything I set my mind onto and has helped throughout college. Every time I set a goal and doubted myself, her unwavering support and love were consistent in my life.” Thank God for amazing mothers who believe in us even when we might not believe in ourselves!

If Asha were to give young people advice, it would be to put our trust in God and work hard! We are so grateful to have connected with Asha and are confident that she will be a source of inspiration for young girls everywhere.

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