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Amina Nasra Suleiman (Mogadishu, Somalia)

"Education is a key to success. We should always support hormarinta cilmiga [the advancement of education] in our nation.” – Amina Nasra Suleiman ⠀ Meet Amina Nasra Suleiman, a human resource clerk for the International Organization For Migration (@unmigration). Amina is currently based in Mogadishu. She earned her bachelor of business administration at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology where she specialized in Human Resource Management. ⠀ Amina credits her professional achievements to being patient and hardworking. Her advice to all of us is to try to see the positive in people and to support knowledge attainment in our society. Great advice Amina and we wish you the best in your endeavours! ⠀ #somali #excellence #community #education #success #blackexcellence #somaliexcellence #knowledge #dreams #youth #motivation #advice

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