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Abdikadir Dubat (Nairobi, Kenya)

We're back with another #ExcellenceProfile! Next up is Abdikadir Dubat who currently works as a humanitarian in Somalia. Abdikadir studied international relations and diplomacy in Mogadishu and is now pursuing a BA in political science as well as a master's in business administration. We asked Abdikadir how he defines success and he told us that to him, “success is properly setting concrete goals, believing that I can make it happen and striving to achieve them fully. It is learning that losing a few battles can help me win a war and finally success is learning something new each day in the spirit of furthering my Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.” . Wise words Abdikadir! We admire your love of knowledge and your commitment to furthering your education. Abdikadir also wants to assure youth that where they are now is not where they will always be. He encourages us all to use setbacks as motivation to pursue our goals with more passion and realize our dreams. Abdikadir, you are a great example for all of us and we wish you the best in your studies!

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