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Abdibasid Ali (Oslo, Norway)

"Take care of your mental and physical health. Especially your mental health. You are unique, you are important and you are loved. There are many ways to live a good life. Define what a good life means to you. Remember, the material things will not last. Make a daily routine for gratitude practice ( this is scientifically proven and its proven in the Quran) it will make your life more rich" - Abdibasid Ali

We're travelling all the way to Norway today with a profile on Abdibasid Ali. Abdibasid is a Psychotherapist who does Neuro-linguistic Programming coaching and consulting. He studied psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, and human behavior analysis. Abdulbasid's curiosity about the human psyche and passion for helping others led him to this career path. By hosting workshops and leading training sessions, he is able to create a safe space to discuss important topics related to mental health and well being.

Abdibasid defines success as the ability to enjoy and find meaning in your life journey. He encourages us all to live in the moment and to explore new things whenever possible. Thank you for your words of wisdom Abdibasid and keep up the great work you do in our communities. We appreciate you!

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