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Who We Are

The Somali Education Fund (SEF) is an organization of students and/or young people who have come together to make education more accessible for youth in Somalia. We envision a future in which Somali youth can pursue their academic goals without the limitations of financial constraints. We are aware that the path to achieving this vision is long and difficult but every journey begins with a single step. This is ours.


The SEF has connected with a school in Mogadishu which has found 10 children who are especially disadvantaged. Each of these children has lost either one or both of their parents and are being cared for by relatives who struggle to secure basic necessities. Our goal is to support these children until they graduate so that they will be able to support their families in the future and pass on the skills they acquire to the next generation. Our long-term goal is to create an international network of students so that we can aid more children in different cities across the Horn of Africa.

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